the dream team

Discover the team that brings you untamed beauty in seasonal florals from local growers and foraged finds. 

Meet Jess, the owner and floral interpreter extraordinaire. Her love for the delicate art of floral designs knows no bounds, and she's on a mission to help you discover the beauty that lies not only in the petals and leaves but in the very essence of nature's imperfections.

By her side, you’ll find Neil, not only Jess's husband but also our logistics man, ensures that every petal reaches its destination with precision.

Our family business wouldn't be complete without our beloved girls, Audrey and Charlotte, who are the heart and soul of Lotte and Aud. Their boundless enthusiasm and creativity infuse life into every aspect of the business.

In our world, it's not just about the flowers; it's about embracing imperfections, celebrating the unconventional, and cherishing the beauty of nature in its most authentic form.