Experience the Enchanting World of Floristry with Lotte and Aud Courses! 

  1. Florist for the Day: Join Our Team for an Immersive Experience! Have you ever dreamed of being a skilled florist, creating mesmerising arrangements and spreading joy through the language of flowers? Step into the magical realm of floristry with our "Florist for the Day" course. 

At the break of dawn, we'll head to the bustling market, where you'll handpick the freshest and most exquisite blooms to fuel your creativity. 

 Explore the secrets that lie behind the scenes as we prepare to open for trade. Discover the art of handling and caring for delicate flowers, gaining insights that only experienced florists know. 

Then, the spotlight shines on you as you work the shop front, learning the delicate craft of arranging florals. Our seasoned experts will guide you, unlocking the secrets to create stunning bouquets that mesmerise and touch hearts. 

  1. Make Your Own Bunch: Unleash Your Inner Floral Artist! Ready to be your own florist? Bring your favourite bunch of florals from the shop, and we'll show you the magic of turning it into a captivating posy for your home or a heartfelt gift for someone special. 

Our skilled instructors will share their expertise, guiding you through the art of flower pairing, design elements, and tips to create a bouquet that reflects your personality and sentiment. 

Unleash your creativity, play with colours, and watch as your creation comes to life in your hands. Each time you admire your masterpiece, you'll feel the joy of knowing you crafted it yourself. 

  1. Deck the Home with a Christmas Wreath: Embrace the Festive Spirit! 'Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to celebrate than with a handmade Christmas wreath adorning your front door? Join our "Deck the Home with a Christmas Wreath" course and embrace the festive spirit with your creativity. 

 Learn the art of wreath making from scratch, starting with a sturdy base and building it up with seasonal foliage and delightful ornaments. 

Our expert tutors will share techniques to craft a stunning wreath that will welcome your loved ones with warmth and Christmas cheer even before they step into your home. 

Get ready to spread joy and create memories as you design your unique Christmas wreath, adding a personal touch to the holiday season. 

Unlock the wonders of floristry with Lotte and Aud Courses, where you'll not only learn but also experience the magic of flowers, crafting moments that bloom forever. 

Enrol now and let your passion for flowers flourish with us! 

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